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Celebrating Serving the Laurel Area For 30 Years!!

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Call today to make your appointment for a full consultation. Ensuring your comfort and healthy vision is always our first priority, and with over 30 years of service to Laurel and the surrounding areas, we're confident in our ability to fulfill your vision needs.

Your condition can be treated with eye drops, pills, surgical intervention, or more likely, a combination of all of these methods. You can speak with your attending physician more about the option that suits your unique lifestyle and vision needs.

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Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball causing gradual loss of spirit. Looking for a new team of professionals to manage your existing condition? Experience the difference that a team of practitioners fully dedicated to your lifetime of glaucoma support can make.


Maintain healthy, comfortable vision and your quality of life with a lifetime of quality vision care from the experts at Lindstrom Eye and Laser Center.

Eye drops - treat your glaucoma using eye drops. May cause a brief burning sensation. Be sure to discuss all potential medication interactions with your practitioners prior to embarking on this course of treatment


Pills - If eye drops prove insufficient, there are several oral pill options available that wil turn down the eye's "faucet" as well as lessen the production of fluid. Again, be sure to discuss any possible drug interactions with your doctor.


Surgical Procedures - If medications have not resulted in improved symptoms or come with intolerable side effects, surgical options are available. Your doctor will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure to you based on their evaluation of your vision needs and current condition.


Laser Surgery

- Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (for open angle glaucoma)

- Selective Laser Trabeculoplasy (for open angle glaucoma)

- Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (for angle-closure glaucoma)

- Cycoablation


Traditional Surgery

- Trabeculectomy

- Drainage implant surgery

- Nonpenetrating surgery


Surgical alternatives continue to be developed in this rapidly evolving treatment landscape. You can be assured that our experienced practitioners are alway on the cutting edge of the latest devlopments in treatment options.


- The ExPress mini glaucoma shunt

- The Trabectome

- Canaloplasty